employee engagement strategies

Combating negativity in your workplace

Do you have employees whose behaviours are spreading misery and negativity across your business and trying to damage your brand?

Is morale and well-being low and the number of health and safety incidents, workplace grievances, and absenteeism are higher than normal?

Once your company becomes known as a toxic workplace, and your brand is trashed, you will have lost a critical competitive advantage that could have powered your growth.

Imagine then a workplace where your people are happy and motivated to work hard towards achieving business goals.

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Creating a great Customer Experience through an outstanding Employee Experience

Are your customers loyal, repeat customers, happy to provide testimonials and referrals to your business?

Or are your customers frustrated, as they continually have to deal with poor service and a constant revolving door of new employees, whilst the existing good ones keep exiting the building.

Imagine however if your employees were motivated to help your business succeed – think about how that will lead to a premium customer experience – and then imagine what your sales figures will look like.

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Knocking down Silos

Is your company culture at risk because your teams aren’t talking to each other, because silos have developed and now instead of collaborating and being innovative, they blame each other for mistakes?

Imagine then if your teams were sharing information, collaborating, and working together to find innovative ways to lead to a competitive advantage. Where employee performance was up to 40% and sales were multiplied by 4.5.

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We don’t want to lose the culture we have

Do you want to retain the fabulous team you have, continue to attract great talent, and not have to continually reinvent the workplace culture despite the challenges of growth or merger?

Imagine if you could attract great talent, and onboard them quickly and well. If turnover was low, and new recruits were adding to already great culture. If teams newly created by merger were able to quickly adopt your winning culture.

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Our survey results were in the bottom quartile, how can we improve?

Were you shocked by your latest engagement survey results?

Do you realise that in order to improve sales, you need to improve the Employee Experience? Because a great Employee Experience = a great customer experience which of course = sales and repeat business.

Imagine if engagement was so high in your business, that exceptional customer service was the norm rather than the exception. How much could your bottom line improve?

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Empowering managers to also be leaders

Are you people disgruntled because they feel unheard, underappreciated, and unclear about what is expected of them?

Are people leaving your business because their manager is not supporting them in the way they want or need?

Imagine then if your managers felt empowered to properly lead and manage their teams, and their teams in turn were motivated to do their best, and keen to stay, learn and develop with their manager.

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