Quiz: Do I need to worry about our workplace culture?

Quiz: Do I need to worry about our workplace culture?2018-07-20T12:24:34+00:00

If you are wondering whether you might have a cultural problem that is holding your business back, then take this quick quiz to see where your culture currently sits.

Simply answer Yes or No (and be honest with the first answer that comes to mind).

  • Has your absenteeism rate noticeably increased recently?

  • Are you finding it hard to recruit new employees to your business and/or your turnover rate is the highest it has ever been?

  • Has there been an increase in the number of your employees lodging grievances or making formal complaints?

  • Are you noticing groups of employees huddled in corners who break apart when you walk past?

  • Are you missing out on important sales?

  • Are you continually having to put out spot fires across the business?

  • Are your customers frustrated and unhappy with the service your business provides?

  • Is morale low in your business, but negativity and whinging is high?

  • Are your teams blaming each other for all the problems that seem to be happening recently?

  • Have you noticed a recent decrease in empathy and patience amongst your teams?

Tally up your YES score and see what the results mean below.

What your score means

All No = Green
Well done! Your culture is looking great, no need to talk to us. Actually – can you spare a few minutes for us to chat about what it is you are doing? Because clearly you are doing lots of things right! And we love to hear from leaders in the workplace culture field.

1 – 3 Yes = Orange
There are some warning signs here – which you probably already have a sense of, given you were googling about workplace culture in the first place. If you want to stop things from getting worse, then book a time to have a free discovery chat with me.

4 or more = RED
Yikes! You had better action this pronto – call me, and let’s chat about what we can do to move you into the green zone.

Let’s chat about how we can make a difference.

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