Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.

I have never personally met Sir Richard Branson. He of the billions, island owner, multi-successful businesses etc etc.

I wish I had though, if only to say a big Thank You for ever ushering these words.

These words are the cornerstone of what Workology Co is all about. They are the backbone of our philosophy and our raison de entre.

They guide our mission statement and our vision and values.

Back to the beginning

When I formally founded Workology Co back in 2017, of course I had a picture of what the purpose of the business needed to be.

I knew I wanted to help small-medium sized businesses create the exact opposite of the toxic and dysfunctional workplaces I had spent two decades consulting to.

Fundamentally this meant helping organisations be the kind of place employees wanted to go to work – which would in turn mean the employees were more productive and ultimately the business would be more profitable.

Whilst crafting content for the website, I came across this quote from Sir Richard. And my heart sang.

For here, in a lovely little nutshell, uttered by a highly successful businessperson who was universally taken pretty damn seriously, was it.

A summary of Workology Co’s fundamental belief that employees are (or should be) at the heart of business success.

Over the nearly four years since that light bulb moment, as with most new businesses, I have been slowly refining what Workology Co’s true purpose in as well as our niche.

Concentrating on ‘Exceptional workplace culture’, a ‘people first approach’ and an internal stakeholder engagement, are all examples of this.



The Workology Co white paper found these are the six key ingredients to exceptional workplace culture.

Many of these key ingredients have subsections, such as a deliberately designed strategy for Workplace Wellbeing, and protection against inappropriate behaviours such as bullying being a key component of psychological safety.

But when you look at all of these ingredients in totality, what do all of these fundamentally equate too?

You guessed it. [Well, I’m hoping you did]. They all add up to ways a business cares for their employees.

Back to Sir Richard and his bang on summary.


Now let’s turn the spotlight onto you.

Do you care for your employees? Or is your philosophy more along the lines of ‘We pay them pretty damn well to be here, why do we have to care for them too?’[gasp, shudder].

As humans, one of our fundamental desires is to feel that we are seen.

Which is why one of the best (if not The Best) way to demonstrate care for your employees, is to listen to them. To find out how they feel, what they are concerned about.

What do they think your company does well? Where can they see improvements?

How are they coping with the on-going effects of the pandemic? Do they generally feel valued and heard? Are they confident they can be their authentic selves at work?

Are they unafraid to speak up if they have concerns?

Providing benefits like arcade games (who doesn’t love a quick game of Space Invaders to reboot the mental energy?!?), gym memberships, access to Employee Assistance Programs and other such measures all have their place.

The real gold though is found in demonstrating care for your employees.

Not yet convinced? Here is a little infographic I prepared earlier with some stats that must just turn you into a believer.

[stats courtesy of 8 Employee engagement statistics you need to know in 2021.]

When designing the services and products that we offer here at Workology Co HQ, Sir Richard’s words are always at the heart of what we provide.

Cultural audits and focus groups are a fantastic example of internal stakeholder engagement because they help you to find out if your employees believe you care for them – and where to start improving if they believe you don’t give a rat’s arse.

Especially when you have a skilled external interviewer and facilitator conducting the audit and focus groups, whose superpower is getting people to open-up to her.

GIF courtesy

If you would like to chat to us about how you can start demonstrating that you care for your employees, then reach out and let’s chat.

We’ve said it before and no doubt we will say it again – it ain’t rocket science, and you won’t have to sell an island to fund it.

Let us help you care for your employees. So they can get on with looking after your clients.