Workplace culture

E is for Emotional Intelligence

EQ. EI. Whatever acronym you prefer, one thing I reckon we can probably agree on, is that having a high level of EI is absolutely crucial in order for someone to be a good leader. Quite frankly, if you don’t agree with that statement, I’m not quite sure what you are doing here reading a [...]

C is for Communication

Communication is the most critical ingredient of good, let alone great or exceptional, culture. There. I said it. Workology Co's Whitepaper found there are 6 key ingredients that make up exceptional workplace culture. Communication was one of the six. But in all honesty, in the absence of good communication practices, the other 5 ingredients  (such as [...]

Why hybrid working arrangements are just the start

As I noted in a recent ‘Tuesday Tip’ on Workology Co’s socials, the rise and rise of hybrid working arrangements has absolutely been one of the Very Best Things to come out of the pandemic. IMO. However, this little workplace culture nerd is becoming increasingly concerned at hearing stories of organisations  latching onto the concept [...]

The power of connection – and how to (re)build it in your organisation

In news that will surprise absolutely no one who is a regular follower of my (socials) work, I’m a passionate and lifelong Carlton Football Club fan/member. It’s been a tough decade or more supporting the Old Dark Navy Blues: personally, I experienced the darkest night of my Carlton soul in August 2021 where, after I [...]

Employee Burnout – The What, Warning signs and Ways to resolve

One of my clients, let’s call him Rhett, owns a micro business in one of the most stressful industries there is. I know, I know. Everyone is stressed (which is kind of the point of this blog). But Rhett is a Vet - and guess which profession has one of  the highest rate of suicides, [...]

Problems with workplace culture aren’t always obvious to spot

Are you pulling your hair out because another employee complaint just landed on your desk? Will you have to spend (yet more) time and money on recruiting and onboarding another employee this quarter? Have you just received yet another customer complaint because one of your staff was rude or unhelpful?  Or maybe, your frustration is [...]

The Workology Co definition of Exceptional Workplace Culture

As I write this blog, it is early July here in Melbourne town. Early July =  several things. 1: It’s cold and often rainy. Man, do I desperately need to chase some cosmics.* 2: We are in the heart of footy season. But that’s all I’m gunna say about that, because I’m currently on a [...]

Meet the nemesis of exceptional in the workplace

Exceptional workplace culture requires the presence of six key ingredients within an organisation. In Workology Co’s white paper, we established those 6 key ingredients are: When inappropriate behaviours occur within an organisation, there’s a misalignment between the organisation’s stated values, and how people actually behave. Unchecked and continual misbehaviours also erode trust, which in turn [...]

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Reasons why Workplace Wellness is the topic on everyone’s lips (or should be)…

Did you know*: Healthy workers are up to 3 times more productive than unhealthy workers For example, an unhealthy worker will deliver 49 hours effective work per month vs an healthy worker who will deliver 143 hours effective work per month Healthy workers are less absent from work, and more engaged and productive when present [...]

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The lesser known feedback twin…this time the spotlight belongs to receiving feedback.

Because of the way negative feedback can make us feel, we often overlook the fact that receiving feedback is actually an important component of growth, both on a professional and a personal level. However we need to learn more about ourselves, so we can continue to grow and become the best version of ourselves. This is why it is as important to learn how to receive feedback as it is to know how to give feedback.

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