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Two-way communication – simply good business sense

An article stood out to me recently that appeared across several of my social feeds. The article was titled  "Why an uninformed workplace is bad for business". The cautionary tale revolved around the bad business practices of Steve Jobs wannabe Elizabeth Holmes; so bad in fact that she has landed herself a 20-year stint in [...]

Nick Kyrgios, the power of purpose, and why it is important to your team

It is January in Melbourne and that inevitably means three things. Weather that fluctuates from days you need the heater on to living-in-a-furnace days over 40 degrees; traffic so light it feels like a completely different city; and of course, the ATP Australian Open. And it was whilst I watched Nick Kyrgios playing his second [...]

Communication as a driver of employee engagement

Drivers of Engagement Blog Series The research is clear in establishing the benefits to your organisation of having a highly engaged workforce. To put it in its simplest form: Engaged employees = Happy employees = Productive employees = Success for your business. The research also tells us that there are a number of key drivers [...]

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