key ingredients of workplace culture

E is for Emotional Intelligence

EQ. EI. Whatever acronym you prefer, one thing I reckon we can probably agree on, is that having a high level of EI is absolutely crucial in order for someone to be a good leader. Quite frankly, if you don’t agree with that statement, I’m not quite sure what you are doing here reading a [...]

D is for Difficult Conversations

Picture this: Jason is a member of your team. He’s been with you for a few months now, and he’s a pretty good addition to the team. Ok, yeah, you’ve noticed a couple of times in team meetings that he says something that doesn’t always seem to land well with the rest of the team. [...]

A is for Acknowledgment

Recently I was asked to submit a Bio for a prospective new client, along with a specific request to include examples of client testimonials. Whilst collecting testimonials is not one of my strengths (insert awkward cough emoji), I reached out to a few clients to enquire about their willingness to provide me with something I [...]

Meet the nemesis of exceptional in the workplace

Exceptional workplace culture requires the presence of six key ingredients within an organisation. In Workology Co’s white paper, we established those 6 key ingredients are: When inappropriate behaviours occur within an organisation, there’s a misalignment between the organisation’s stated values, and how people actually behave. Unchecked and continual misbehaviours also erode trust, which in turn [...]

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Reasons why Workplace Wellness is the topic on everyone’s lips (or should be)…

Did you know*: Healthy workers are up to 3 times more productive than unhealthy workers For example, an unhealthy worker will deliver 49 hours effective work per month vs an healthy worker who will deliver 143 hours effective work per month Healthy workers are less absent from work, and more engaged and productive when present [...]

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Why culture needs to be deliberately designed

Exceptional, great, or even good culture does not just happen. There is no magic wand that can be weaved to turn that ship around from a bad, toxic culture to a good one. If culture is not deliberately designed, then it just evolves. And what it evolves into maybe far from ideal and may in fact be the complete antithesis of the Mission, Purpose, and Values of your organisation.

Help! I think my team member is depressed. What the heck do I do?

People are stressed. Well, how is that for an understatement! 2020 has been a cracker of a year, and not in a good way. Bushfires, COVID19, lockdown 1 and 2, compulsory mask-wearing, massive job losses, recession. To be honest, I’m feeling a little rise in the old adrenalin levels just from this one sentence summary [...]

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