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April looked a little like this…

To say the last few weeks have been ‘monumental’, ‘crazy’ or ‘unprecedented’ seems like some of the biggest understatements I have ever made. Colossal for the global community, huge for Australia as an island nation and full on for Workology Co and me personally. In the middle of March, I was excited and nervous to [...]

Nick Kyrgios, the power of purpose, and why it is important to your team

It is January in Melbourne and that inevitably means three things. Weather that fluctuates from days you need the heater on to living-in-a-furnace days over 40 degrees; traffic so light it feels like a completely different city; and of course, the ATP Australian Open. And it was whilst I watched Nick Kyrgios playing his second [...]

But wait, there’s more. #i2C part 2

Subtitled: Part 2 of that blog where we share tips about how to make your workplace a Great Place to Work courtesy of i2C- #19 on the 2017 list. In Part 1 of this blog, we looked at some of the ways i2C is going about becoming known as having the “leading culture workplace in [...]

Silos are not the friends of engagement

Silos. You’ve heard the term, you know what it means. And when someone uses it in the same sentence as they are talking about your organisation, then I wouldn’t be at all surprised if your initial reaction was along the lines of a cold shiver passing through your body. According to the business directory, Silo [...]

A cautionary tale of a Cultural Audit gone wrong

One of the key services we offer at Workology Co is Cultural Audits. A Cultural Audit, also known as a Workplace Audit or a Cultural Health Check, is a way of taking the temperature of your business, of finding out how engaged your employees are in the mission, values and goals of your business. And [...]

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