That one about the importance of humour in the workplace

Are you smiling after you saw this meme (or Me-Me as I used to think they were called)? Did you feel a little rush of serotonin (the happy endorphins) through your body? Perhaps you neck muscles loosened just a little - it’s physically challenging to work remotely all day, every day, isn’t it! If so, [...]

Why a people-first approach is no longer just a ‘nice to have’.

When most people think about how to successfully run their business, I warrant that for the most part, they intentionally plan to adapt a profit maximising approach. However, there is a growing number of business leaders who understand that a people-first approach is what makes the difference between surviving and thriving. Which is why I [...]

Why RFC is a workplace culture nerd’s dream (and nightmare)

It actually causes me pain to write this. The Richmond Football Club should be a lesson to us all. Ok, now I’ve managed to actually get those words out there, let me offer a couple of disclaimers. #1 I love footy. AFL footy that is. I mean, come on, is there really any other kind? [...]

Are you on jerk alert?

Recently a client asked me a very interesting question. *Olivia (not her real name) wondered whether most of the bullying investigations I have conducted over the years, have ended up being a case of one person doing the wrong thing who was then quietly exited from the organisation. My answer (as if I were going [...]

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