The effects of a poor employee experience

Were you shocked by your latest engagement survey results?

Are you worried that if you don’t do something to turn the engagement score around, staff turnover and abseentism will (continue to) increase?

Do you realise that in order to improve sales, you need to improve the Employee Experience? Because a great Employee Experience = a great customer experience which of course = sales and repeat business.

So imagine if your next survey results landed you in the top or next best category.

Survey results to be proud of

Imagine if you were proud to publicly share your cultural survey score.

Or imagine if engagement was so high in your business, that exceptional customer service was the norm rather than the exception. How much could your bottom line improve?

At Workology Co, we understand how devastating a low engagement score can be – to you, and your team.

We understand that every good thing that you hope to accomplish in your company will be powered by the commitment and talent of your employees. But you will be unable to harness that energy source, if your employees are continually frustrated.

We love working with SMEs to move them towards that winning feeling that comes from having high engagement levels – and the resulting success from the improved workplace culture.

How it works

Our process to help you increase your engagement levels and move towards success, follows these four steps:


Let’s unpack exactly why the score was low.

We do this through either a detailed Cultural Health Check (with 1:1 interviews with all employees, or a selection of employees) and Focus Groups.


The subsequent report and debrief we provide, will analyse the reasons for the low score, and provide a minimum number of recommendations for ways to turn that score around.

Solutions are likely to include options ranging from internal communications advice, training options, no to low cost engagement and employee well-being initiatives, as well as ongoing coaching.


You decide what your priorities are, which in turn will guide which solutions you implement and when.

If your needs are outside our scope of services, then we have a network of trusted providers we can refer you too.


We will arrange regular check-ins with you to make sure you are keeping on track.

Because even the best strategies can fail without implementation. Options for this step are discussions with key stakeholders, coaching of managers,  team conversations or any combination of all three.

Want to find out more?

We have packages to cover a snap shot of your workplace, through to a deeper dive or customised investigation. Call 0400 019 599 to chat about what package might suit your particular situation best.