Corona Culture Check

How well is your culture coping with the impact of COVID19?

Are your employees feeling engaged and are they remaining productive, especially if they are working remotely? Are your managers stepping up and being the leaders you need to drive change and survival in this VUCA world.

We have developed a package where we will ask the hard questions and find out how your culture is tracking NOW. The package includes recommendations about what you need to Keep, Stop and/or Start doing; and includes a choice of workshops to help fill identified gaps.

Developing your feedback muscle

The essential online workshop for all managers who want to improve their skills in giving feedback

Giving feedback – the very words are often enough to send a chill down the spine of most managers especially if it is developmental feedback that is required because a team member’s performance is falling behind or their behaviour is inappropriate.

All too often, managers find reasons to avoid giving the necessary feedback – which means the initial problem will inevitably grow and spread, often across the rest of the team.

Imagine if instead of avoiding the giving of necessary feedback, your managers embraced the concept of growing their ‘feedback muscle’. Armed with simple but effective tools, your managers increasingly grow in confidence as they engage in clear conversations and provide clarity for their team members.

Workology Co’s online training program, Developing your Feedback Muscle, is the workshop that provides those tools during two engaging and interactive sessions.

Workplace Wellness Program

Helping businesses to develop healthy, productive, innovative and engaged employees.

Recent 2020 studies tell us:

  • 69% of workers say NOW is the most stressful time of their entire career
  • 91% of Australian workers are anxious about the economic downturn
  • 14.7% of Australian workers are thriving in 2020, down from 18.7% in 2018

Workplace Wellness is a critical factor in organisational success in normal times; but especially so during our current ‘normal’.

Investing a little time and money to create as wellbeing program can deliver a substantial direct and indirect ROI.

PWC reported in 2014 that workplaces who take effective action to create mentally healthy workplaces can expect a ROI of $2.30 for every $1 spent.

Workology Co has developed a Workplace Wellness Program for organisations of any size across all industries, to help co-create more engaged, productive, innovative and generally healthier workplaces.