Is this you?

  • Are you people telling you that they feel underappreciated and unsupported by their managers?

  • Are your managers too busy managing day-day issues and supervising to be leaders / coaches to their teams?

  • Is there decreased employee engagement across the business?

  • Is staff turnover at a record high?

You know the saying:

People leave their manager, not their employer.

One of the most common scenarios I have encountered over the years working as a lawyer, HR professional and workplace trainer / facilitator, is where a highly skilled technician is promoted into a leadership role but is left to flounder without any upskilling.

If you are facing any of the problems above, it’s likely that your managers are in this exact situation and are desperately in need of some training to help them become both better managers and eventually, leaders who help drive the culture and ultimately the success of your business.

For whilst you might have developed the business mission, goals and strategy, it is your managers who need to be daily motivating and inspiring their teams to come along on the journey with them.

At Workology Co, we offer a number of training options to help upskill your managers.

Whilst we offer stand-alone full day options, our experience is that a number of half day or short, intense, regular sessions such as ‘lunch and learn’, are more likely to be attractive both to your managers and the business.

Shorter sessions are easier to slot into a manager’s packed daily supervisory responsibilities,  and spreading the sessions out over a period of time, along with practical incorporation of skills learned, greatly enhances learning.

Leaders need to have not just the ability to manage their own work load, but also be equipped with the essential skills of giving feedback, both negative and positive.

Training options include

The need for one or more of our training solutions may have been identified as a key theme of the cultural health checks, or through facilitated focus groups.

Alternatively you may have already identified the need for one or more of these training programs, as part of a broader learning and development strategy.

We can provide you with customised training solutions for your leaders and/or other learning and development opportunities including:

How to have difficult conversations

Performance Management & Coaching

Giving & Receiving Feedback





Exceptional Leaders

Workology Co also works with small network of very experienced leaders and facilitators who can provide additional leadership training options such as time management, goal setting, emotional intelligence & staff development.

Team Training

If training for one or more of your teams has been recommended following a Workology Co cultural health check or focus groups, or if you have identified the need for team training yourself, we can also provide customised training options on site.

Training programs include:

  • Team building
  • Respectful workplace behaviours / code of conduct
  • Conflict resolution
  • Assertiveness skills

Workology Co also works with small network of very experienced leaders and facilitators who can provide additional training programs for your teams including:

  • Dealing with difficult behaviours
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Group dynamics
  • Putting the customer first

A bit about me as a facilitator

employee focus groups

I have facilitated workplace training for in excess of 15 years over a range of industries including health and community services, not-for-profit sector, manufacturing, IT, sports clubs, engineering, aviation, clothing and textiles, construction and energy, local government and professional services.

In the past 12 months alone, I have facilitated at 20 different workplaces across Victoria as well as open sessions where representatives from many different organisations attend.

I pride myself on my engaging and enjoyable facilitation style – there is no ‘death by powerpoint’ with me. My expectation is to share several good laughs with any group, and hear at least one participant leave the room and comment something along the lines of “that was so much better than I expected”.

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