Back to work!

There, I said it, it is out in the (social media) world, which means it must be true. Even if my brain isn’t quite on board with the concept as yet.

I’ve had a great break away, managed to cross the Vic border for the first time since February 2020 and spent 2 glorious weeks in my old home state of Tassie with the husband and our fur baby. And occasionally with wonderful long-term friends and our extended family.

Best of all, I managed to spend time at My Favourite Place In the World (MFPITW), our family shack -Taswegian for holiday house- in beautiful Spring Beach, Orford. Were the bush meets the sea and where Danish royalty like to frolic when they visit the Princess’ homeland.

Photo of Princess Mary of Denmark swimming at Spring Beach, Orford Tasmania. Photo courtesy of The Mercury, December 2017.

One of the best things for me about spending time at the shack, apart from the fact it is when our little family are the best versions of ourselves, is that I use the opportunity to bookend the year that was and the year to come.

I always take time out to actively reflect on what went well during the year just finished, as well as what I wish could be done over (here’s looking at you, ‘Rona).

This holiday season, I didn’t very much time at all reflecting on the year past.

I mean, 2020 is the year best forgotten, or the Annus Horribilis I mentioned in my end of year gratitude blog.

Plus there are numerous trashy novels to read, and cliff top walks to be had.

What I really love to do, is to plan for the year ahead.

Thanks to the advice from my Unofficial Comms Director, Holly Cardomone from Blue51 Communications,  I plan what the pillars of my social content will be for the year and then I start to strategise how to make sure they are all addresses.

I spend time working on my business rather than in it, including looking at updates to the website which might *cough be long overdue.

I plan my goals for the year and the immediate quarter. Financial goals, for sure. Business Development, reluctantly. So not my skill set – although man do I love having a coffee meeting with new contacts.

Part of my planning for the coming year always involves using that tried and tested trick of SSCC. It looks a little like this ( because it wouldn’t be a true Workology Co blog without a infographic!)

I’ve been a big fan of the SSCC since a fellow facilitator mate introduced me to it many, many years ago. It’s a great way to end a training session, for participants to reflect on what they have learned during the training, and what they should focus on post session.

But it is also a fantastic tool for end of the day reflection to set yourself up for the following day; and recently I was thrilled to hear my mate Jaq has been using this with her boss at check-in meetings for years.

Planning for Workology Co’s ideal clients

Planning also includes revising my list of ideal clients, thinking about the type of work that is in my sweet spot, what kind of projects do I want to dive into this year.

As I near the end of Workology Co’s fourth year of operation, I’ve gotten real clarity around the questions of what I am most passionate about and where do I think I can make the biggest difference to clients.

The answer my friends is two -fold.

In part, it is about helping organisations thrive through cultivating exceptional workplace culture via a people first approach.

Another part of it can be summed up as stakeholder engagement. Particularly, engagement with your employees.

If you are regular follower of Workology co, you will know I bang on (and on, and on) about the importance of a two-way dialogue with your employees.

Of being open and honest with them, and also listening to them.

Stakeholder engagement is one way of doing this and is especially important during any change management.

Asking questions and analysing the data gathered from the answers is one of my superpowers – which is why I love stakeholder engagement work.

As it happens, I am super excited that I am about to start the data analaysing component of a large stakeholder engagement project I started back in November 2020.

November and December were all about the talking to employees, via a mix of face:face meetings (ok, zoom face to face. But still, it qualifies), focus groups and emailed responses to questions.

I gathered data from external clients and referral sources via that perennial favourite method of survey monkey, as well as via focus groups and sourcing client feedback the client had previously gathered.


Now it’s time to do the analysing. Roll up the sleeves and look at the bigger picture. What does the data like the above graph tell us? What are the themes? What do stakeholders think is going well, where do they think improvements can and need to be made?

This project is for one program area in a large organisation. The program area employees around 150 staff.

I’m also about to start a smaller stakeholder engagement piece, where I am helping a SME identify how they can improve customer service based on data gathered from their clients.

I’m excited for the year ahead, the opportunities and yes, even the challenges the continuing existence of ‘Rona brings us.

I’m also looking forward to the prospect of working with new clients, Executives and Leaders who ‘get it’. Who understand why exceptional culture is vital to organisation success.

If you are a People First leader, and you think we could work well together, then let’s chat about the prospect of you taking one of my new client spots.

There are lots of ways we can work together, from stakeholder engagement mentioned above, to other options including:

  • cultural audits/health checks.
  • Leaders coaching and training
  • Facilitated workshops to bring your teams together
  • Clear Conversations and Feedback training
  • 360 feedback
  • Workplace Wellbeing audit and/or advice

Click here if you would like to book a discovery session to chat about how we might co-create exceptional culture at your workplace.

And either way, welcome to the new working year and may it be a shining success!