What are Focus Groups?

Focus Groups are small group discussions that are all about gaining detailed information and deeper insights from your people.

Sometimes we only really know how we feel about an issue when we listen to the opinions of others, as it helps to clarify where we stand on the issue.

Focus groups are perfect tools to glean opinions from employees about recent changes within your workplace.

You may also choose to run focus groups:

  • As a pre-Cultural Health Check, to identify themes for exploring in the check.
  • As the next step after the Cultural Health Check, providing your people with an opportunity to brain storm ideas for improvement.
  • As a stand-alone first step in a process of uncovering how engaged your employees are in your business – and finding ways to increase those engagements levels.
  • To check back in and test the success of the action plans that you implemented after the last survey or Cultural Audit.

The benefits of conducting
Focus Groups

focus groups for improving employee engagement

Focus Groups are another optional tool for taking the pulse of your business.

They are generally a cost-effective and timely way of generating information that is specific, relevant and actionable.

When focus groups are conducted by Workology Co, you engage a neutral, skilled external facilitator.

This gives employees confidence to openly and honestly express how they feel, without fear of any kind of retribution.

And you will receive unbiased feedback, which may include telling you how your people really feel about management, how content or stressed the workplace is, whether are they challenged enough by their work, and to hear about any ideas and suggestions they may have for improving their workplace.

The FAQ’s

Focus Groups should have 6-12 people per group. The number of groups needed depends on the size of your organisation.

Sessions should run from 60-90 mins during employees usual working hours and be held in a room that is conducive to open and honest discussion.

In order to facilitate an open and honest discussion, holding the sessions onsite may not be the best option. If your budget allows it, you may consider booking an offsite venue – there are generally a number of well-priced options available.

Generally 3-4 sessions will be conducted for each issue or trend that has been identified. There may need to be more scheduled, depending on whether any new issues are coming to the surface.

Participants will be selected to attend the groups, or invited to attend. We will discuss the most suitable selection method for your workplace, but the key is to having a good representation of affected employees from all levels across your organisation. Ideally there will be separate groups for managers and employees to encourage open dialogue and free flowing discussion and participants should be chosen for their functional role rather than their name.

All participants will be thanked at the conclusion of the session for their attendance. Some organisations like to thank their people for participating with gestures such as providing lunch or snacks after the session, or even providing movie tickets for participants.

The sessions are structured around the series of pre-determined open-ended questions but the emphasis is on a free-flowing discussion. The questions may arise from a cultural health check or other employee surveys conducted in the past.

Following the sessions, Workology Co will have the sessions transcribed and then analyse the outcome of each session.

A report will be provided to you, summarising the outcomes of the sessions and if agreed as part of the brief, recommendations will be provided as to the next steps. A meeting can be scheduled for a report debrief if required.

Yes! Based on our recommendations, Workology Co can work with you for any training needs and employee engagement solutions.

We recommend asking employees to complete a brief online survey, after you have completed the Focus Groups and implemented actions contained in the report. Workology Co can assist you in conducting the survey.

The Next Steps

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