Your customer experience

Can you honestly say that you provide a great customer experience? Do you understand what Sir Richard Branson means when he says:

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

Are your customers loyal, repeat customers, happy to provide testimonials and referrals to your business?

Or are your customers frustrated, as they continually have to deal with poor service and a constant revolving door of new employees, whilst the existing good ones keep exiting the building.

Imagine then if you provided a great employee experience – how good would the customer experience be in turn?

The power of your employee experience

Imagine if your employees were fully engaged in your business, were motivated to help your business succeed – think about how that will lead to a premium customer experience – and then imagine what your sales figures will look like.

At Workology Co, we understand that every employee on your team has influence over some part of your customer relationships. You can’t be responsible for strategy, direction and management – and be the one on the floor building the product as well! That requires a team, emotionally invested in the success of your brand.

And whilst one disenchanted employee will crimp your ability to serve customers well, lots of unhappy teammates will make it impossible for you to succeed.

We specialise in helping you plan, develop and implement a great employee experience that feeds a winning customer experience.

How it works

Our process to help you implement a winning EX and CX experience follows these four steps:


Let’s find out what kind of employee experience you currently provide.

We do this through either a detailed Cultural Health Check (with 1:1 interviews with all employees, or a selection of employees) and Focus Groups.


The subsequent report and debrief we provide, will analyse your current Employee Experience, and provide a minimum number of recommendations for ways to move the experience towards great.

Solutions are likely to include options ranging from internal communications advice, training options for managers and teams, no to low cost engagement and employee well-being initiatives, as well as ongoing coaching.


You decide what your priorities are, which in turn will guide which solutions you implement and when.

If your needs are outside our scope of services, then we have a network of trusted providers we can refer you too.


We will arrange regular check-ins with you to make sure you are keeping on track.

Because even the best strategies can fail without implementation. Options for this step are discussions with key stakeholders, coaching of managers,  team conversations or any combination of all three.

Want to find out more?

We have packages to cover a snap shot of your workplace, through to a deeper dive or customised investigation. Call 0400 019 599 to chat about what package might suit your particular situation best.