What are the ingredients for a great workplace culture?

In order to provide a great workplace culture, you need to give employees the best possible employee experience.

Employee Experience covers the life cycle of every employee’s interaction with your business, from when they first apply to jobs you advertise up to what type of brand ambassador they are once they leave.  What they observe, feel and perceive through their entire employee journey.

Drivers of a great employee experience include:

  • The culture, mission or purpose and values of your business

  • Positive work environment

  • Effective leadership

  • Communication

  • Feedback

  • Performance

  • Role expectations

  • Learning and Development

  • Reward and recognition

  • Employee wellbeing

Workology Co can assist you in identifying if and where there are gaps in the drivers of a great employee experience within your business.

Consultation Services

Workology Co can assist you in identifying where any gaps might be in the culture you have now and work with you to close those gaps so you can move towards a great workplace culture.

Services include:

  • Assistance to draft and and implement action plans based on recommendations identified from the Cultural Health Check and/or Focus Groups report
  • Working with you to identify and articulate your organisational values, mission, and purpose
  • Coaching managers and senior leaders
  • Advice on giving appropriate feedback and having difficult conversations
  • Internal communications assistance

The Next Steps

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