The effects of negativity

Do you have actively disengaged employees, spreading their misery and negativity across your business and trying to damage your brand?

Are their poisonous behaviours leading to low morale and well-being, higher number of health and safety incidents or workplace grievances, and/or higher absenteeism? Maybe you’ve just completed a cultural survey and were shocked at how low the scores were?

Perhaps the toxicity is so bad that your turn-over is at record high levels – which in turn leads to increased costs in time and dollars to recruit and retrain new people. PWC estimate in Australia $3.8 billion is lost in productivity and $385 million in recruitment costs annually due to staff turnover.

And the bad news doesn’t end there. A toxic culture spreads its bad energy out beyond your company walls into the community. Once your Employer Brand is trashed and your company becomes known as a toxic workplace, you will have lost a critical competitive advantage that could have powered your growth.

Imagine then a workplace where your people are actively engaged, happy, and motivated to work hard towards achieving the business goals.

The effects of positivity

Imagine a situation where turnover is low, and you save time and money by not having to spend on recruitment or complaint handling.

Where your employees not only provide you with that competitive advantage everyone is after but are great brand ambassadors – no more being afraid of Glass door reviews.

And the good news for you is that Workology Co specialises in developing company cultures.

We are passionate about working with companies just like yours to resolve where their problems lie, and in turn achieve their goals.

How it works

Our process to help you create a great workplace culture follows these four steps:


Find out who, what and why is causing the negativity.

We do this through either a detailed Cultural Health Check (with 1:1 interviews with all employees, or a selection of employees) and Focus Groups.


The subsequent report and debrief we provide, will analyse the negativity in your business, and provide a minimum number of recommendations for ways to kick it to the curb.

Solutions are likely to include options ranging from team and/or management training, mentoring, internal communications advice and coaching solutions.


You decide what your priorities are, which in turn will guide which solutions you implement and when.

If your needs are outside our scope of services, then we have a network of trusted providers we can refer you too.


We will arrange regular check-ins with you to make sure you are keeping on track.

Because even the best strategies can fail without implementation. Options for this step are discussions with key stakeholders, coaching of managers,  team conversations or any combination of all three.

Want to find out more?

We have packages to cover a snap shot of your workplace, through to a deeper dive or customised investigation. Call 0400 019 599 to chat about what package might suit your particular situation best.