To say the last few weeks have been ‘monumental’, ‘crazy’ or ‘unprecedented’ seems like some of the biggest understatements I have ever made.

Colossal for the global community, huge for Australia as an island nation and full on for Workology Co and me personally.

In the middle of March, I was excited and nervous to finally release the first sequence of my white paper on Exceptional Workplace Culture, which was the result of several months investigation.

I decided reaching this goal warranted a celebration of sorts, and whilst yes there was undoubtedly a cheeky champers or two raised in celebration, the occasion was also marked by my first foray into video posting on LinkedIn.

Within mere hours of me launching Sequence 1, the world titled on its axis for us Aussies as ScoMo announced we were heading into Stage 2 COVID19 restrictions. Less than a week later and hot on the heels of the crazy crowd scenes at Bondi Beach we were in Stage 3 restrictions and suddenly ISO and Working from home (“WFH”) became the new ‘normal’.

The white paper identified the 6 key ingredients necessary for exceptional workplace culture as shown in this graphic. In April Workology Co was focused on the ingredient of communication.

WFH, ISO and the pandemic in general meant communication became more important than ever as a tool for organisations to help their employees navigate through these uncertain times; and social media was full of tips and tricks (and many laughs) as we all adapted to Zoom life.

One of the first posts I shared was this one on Tips for communicating with your team when you are all working from home. Not only did I share great communication tips, I learned a new skill – hello PowerPoint on LinkedIn.

Communication tips slide show from Alison Drew-Forster

Zoom continued to be a constant source of amusement, connection and frustration throughout April (who can forget the clips of participants going to the loo – or being naked- whilst their camera was still ‘on’) but for many people was a relatively new work tool. To help Zoom novices, I shared a Zoom hack PowerPoint.

As Easter rolled around, it was time to release the full 34 pages of the white paper. Whilst I had originally planned a staged release over three months, with so much down time suddenly available over the Easter break, I figured I would provide some reading material to keep idle minds busy.

A big shout out and heartfelt thank you to the White Paper readers who provided such lovely feedback. I’m so glad it’s been such a useful resource to people, that you found it both “interesting” and “relevant”. I especially loved *Sam’s observation that I should be very proud of the work (I was and am!).

Having experienced a total high via my first video experience to launch Sequence 1, I decided to go back and do it all again. Here is the video. If you watch both videos, you might notice the change from summer – winter wardrobe, even thought they are recorded 3 weeks apart. Because, Melbourne. Oh, and I am still waiting for the call back from Hollywood. I blame the delay on lock down.

April saw the posting of Workology Co’s first blog post for a little (*cough) while, and the theme was all about (you guessed it) Communication. Check out Culture, Communication and COVID19 here.

Proving the theory that ISO time equals time to do things you may not normally get too, this month I finally pressed send on Workology Co’s first newsletter.

This is my favourite image from the newsletter of my ‘colleague’ Lillie, who is now ‘working from home’.

Watch out for May’s version heading your way soon.

The month ended with a final post sharing an example of a one organisation’s great connection tool ‘Show and Tell’, with bonus details and link to Workology Co’s new package “Corona Culture Check”.  

On that final note, my April Comms work is a wrap. Look forward to communicating with you in May around all thing’s leadership.

If you would like to chat about how Workology Co can work with you to improve communication within your organisation, give me a buzz on 0400 019 599 or email me via

*Not her real name but the alias used in the White Paper when referring to this inspiring woman who heads up HR at a major sporting organisation.